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The Last Ten Days

As explained last week, we have tried to help the departed soul by sitting silently every day for five minutes. The last thing you do is ask the soul if what you have said has reached it. You will get some indication that it has understood what you have said – a smell may emanate, the shape of the photo may momentarily change, and we may feel a gust of breeze or an ant pinching or crawling over us. Keep doing this for 45 days.

In the next ten days, continue the practice but add something to it. Here nature plays a trick and awakens the dreaming soul a little and tells it to choose. Within its 55-day dream, it starts seeing images like a stream of pictures. Not like a regular movie, but cloudy images, like old negatives, of couples having sex. Nature then asks the soul to choose a womb so it can be born again. It is at this point that you can try to help the departed soul make the right choice.

Tell the soul that the time has come for it to choose a place to be born. If any womb pulls it with force, just by willing it to stop, it will stop immediately. Then tell the soul to close those scenes where the sex is aggressive or animalistic. Next, tell it that if it asks any scene to pause, it will and the soul will know more about the couple. Then tell the soul not to simply follow his desires and go where there is only money and luxury, but to choose a womb where there is growth and maturity. Finally, say that the guru is next to you and if you cannot decide, ask for his help.

The soul then makes its choice and at this point, the sex is decided. If the soul is attracted to the male, then it is born a female and if to the female, it takes a male form.

Once 55 days are complete, stop everything. On the following Saturday, perform some act of charity. Then call all your friends and relatives for dinner and celebrate. Nothing else needs to be done now.