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Practice of Omkar

When we look at the symbol of Om, we see a dot falling into a half moon crescent with a string attached which moves into the numeral three. This very powerful symbol depicts the process of creation. The dot is a drop of the semen of Shiva. The half moon crescent is the womb of his consort Shakti. From there comes the umbilical cord to which are tethered the three worlds of Bhu, Bhuvaha and Svaha.

Omkar has six parts - A, U, M, the half moon or crescent, the bindu or dot and shanti or silence which is the gap between two Omkars. The scriptures say that from the syllable‘A’, the physical universe or Bhu was born. Thus, by practice and repetition of this syllable in the proper way, one can achieve material prosperity. It does not mean one wins a lottery but the material aspects of life balance out.

From ‘U’, the molecular, astral or the world of relationships was born.By proper practice of this sound, one’s relationships come into balance. Knots and enmities dissolve and new feelings of love and affection arise. In this age of information, people’s hearts are dry. The practice of ‘U’ brings juice into the heart. This brings joy in every act of life. The syllable ‘U’ is also the sound used for healing, not only of one’s self but others too. There are many fancy healing practices being sold in the alternative healing market today. The rishis used ‘U’ which is more powerful than all of them put together. ‘U’ is the most beautiful sound in Omkar and when practiced properly, opens a world of different sounds, colours and powers.

Next is the humming sound ‘M’ from which the world of thought or Svaha was born. This is the most powerful sound in quelling negative thoughts of jealousy, greed, anger and egoism.This sound brings balance in the brain, mind and body.

The last part is the purely nasal bindu which, with the half moon, opens up the passage to the highest chakra also called bindu. It is here that the Soul resides. The bindu is a very powerful sound and makes active many areas of the brain which at present lie dormant.

It is said that its practice conquers death too.