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The power of sound

The word mantra comes from ‘man’, to think or mind and ‘tra’ to protect. From ‘tra’ we can also get ‘tarna’ to swim. So we can derive that mantra is that which helps us swim across the ocean of the mind. Mantra has the power to fulfill our wishes and can help us lead a happy, prosperous and healthy life. Through mantra we can awaken hidden and divine powers that lie in our psyche.

In Taoism as also in other systems of yoga there are specific sounds given to heal definite organs of the body. These techniques are combined with visualisation and breathing to produce a powerful effect on the organ.

If, for example, the heart is damaged, then we can use a specific sound for the heart. We first study a picture of the heart in a book on physiology till we are able to recreate the picture in our minds. We then hold that picture in the mind and move our attention through the heart and all the adjoining blood vessels using the specific sound. To this we add a system of breathing and pausing in a certain rhythm. The whole technique would require an immense amount of concentration and dedication and if it clicks we may get the desired result. Not only would it bring physical health but would heal us both psychologically and emotionally.

Just as we study sound in physics; likewise the scriptures went very deep into the study of sound. They say that the universe was created from sound and that every physical object we see is nothing but sound energy vibrating at a certain frequency. The scriptures further say that the creator first visualised all objects in his divine mind and then projected them onto the physical plane through mantra. From this we can get a hint of the power of mantra. If we desire something very strongly; then we can through the power of mantra create an image of that object in our minds and try to project it into our lives. In this way we may realise our deepest dreams.