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Observing the Psyche

To observe the workings of our psyche is a very long endeavour and requires immense patience. Let us try to see some of these workings.

Can we see how everything keeps changing within us? How we are happy one moment but become irritated the next? For example, when someone we dislike calls to say he is coming to meet us? Or how superstition grabs us when a cat crosses our path or the milk boils over? Can we hear our inner conversations? Do we realise there is always a crowd of people talking within us? We are always caught up in what others think of us. Did he just insult me?

Does she appreciate my efforts? Very often, we feel misunderstood by our partner. But do we see how we want to be better than the other? How we always find fault with each other? How we love to show off? Do we see how we project an exterior of being modest, generous and simple, while we are totally different inside?

Do we see how within our minds, we live in fear, conflict and anxiety, but show people that nothing upsets or scares us? Do we see how we get irritated and angry when a desire remains unfulfilled?

Can we see we have psychological hunger? The way we feel compelled to put another person down? How we like to gossip and are attracted to scandal? How we love to complain about everything? How we have an opinion on everything?

Do we see how we live in the past and escape cold, hard facts by saying ‘If only’. “If only I had a better education.” “If only my parents had treated me better.” “If only he had come to my help.”

Do we see our contradictions? When we fail at something, we peg it down to destiny or believe life is conspiring against us.

As we slowly begin to observe our psyche, we realise that all these thoughts and emotions are merely continuous leakages of energy. If we can observe and be free of them, we can lead a more happy and peaceful life.

Yes, it is possible to separate from what we are.