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The Five Centres

Our brain and mind is like a room with five windows. Let us call these five the Intellectual centre, Emotional centre, Moving centre, Instinctive centre and the Sex centre.

All of us have our centre of gravity in one of these five centres and this is the major cause of all disagreements. Each window gives us a different picture of reality, while the truth would be all five put together. For example, looking through one window, we see a lot of clouds and so we say it is going to rain today. But someone else who is looking out from another window sees bright sunshine. So he and I have an argument.

A person who lives in the Intellectual centre will see life only through the logical mind. Everything must stand to reason; there must be logic behind everything. This man thinks everything and has very little room for feelings in his life. That is why he can remain aloof and not get easily attached.

Another kind of person lives in the Emotional centre and has a great deal of affection which is the raw material from which emotions are made. He loves to do things for others, feeds all those who come to his home and generally, immediately gets attached to anything. He sees the world through feeling.

One who is centred in the Moving centre has to do something all day. Such a person cannot sit idle and if he sees someone sitting and relaxing, he will taunt him for his laziness. Even when such a person is sitting, his legs are constantly moving.

A person centred in the Instinctive centre will love the good things in life. He loves to eat good food, drink and be merry. He plans his parties and the fashionable clothes he will wear at them.

A person centred in the Sex centre will have very strong likes and dislikes. He will be attracted and repulsed very easily. He will easily be hypnotised by a new advertisement for hair dye and run to buy it immediately.

In most of us, the centres are working wrongly. We think when we should feel and vice versa.

The disciple learns the right work of centres and how to balance them.