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Concept of Reverse Time

If we were to ask an astrologer to specify our moment of death, he would reply that the moment of birth is the moment of death. What does this mean? It means just before we die, time reverses.

Our whole lives we go forward in the line of time, from the past to the future. The young child becomes an old man. At our time of exit from this world, the old man goes back and in three minutes becomes a young child again (not physically), going out the way he came. In other words, we live our life twice - from birth to old age and in three minutes, from old age to the point of birth and then death. These three minutes pass like a three-minute dream.

Can we do anything about it? There are so many things I would like to change, rectify so many mistakes, and not take forward certain diseases. All this can be changed. To be able to work in those three minutes, we must practice daily in our dreams. Every night, we must practice waking up and consciously observing our dreams. In a dream, we can live our whole life in three minutes, as if we are passing through a sequence of important events of our life. For this we learn to hold our consciousness in dream time. Then those three minutes become our greatest opportunity.

Guru Hargovind Saheb, the sixth guru of the Sikhs, had a disciple, the Raja of Saket Mandi. For a number of nights, he had a dream in which instead of being a king, he was born and died as a Chandala or lower caste. One day on a hunt with the guru, the Raja lost his way. He spotted a hut in the forest. From the hut, a whole family came out caught him and said their father had returned from the dead, not listening to his cries of denial.

After some time, the Guru came and asked the family to free the Raja. The Guru then told the Raja that he was destined to be a Chandala but was born a king. However, in a dream, he had fulfilled the karma of a Chandala.

Yes, in three minutes we can change a lifetime.