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Swami Ram Dulare Bapu

Sri Ram Yoga Mandir is a not-for-profit charitable trust that conducts regular training sessions and lectures on the teachings of Sri S. N. Tavaria.

Sri Ram Yoga Mandir attempts to spread the message, teachings, and practices of Sri S. N. Tavaria, in addition to teaching on the expositions of the complex human-body-soul system. Sri Ram Yoga Mandir Trust is led in spirit by Mr. Rajen Vakil, disciple of Sri S. N. Tavaria. Mr. Rajen Vakil was taught meditation by his father, Sri Arvind Vakil. This initiated Mr. Rajen Vakil's journey into the esoteric world. He spent many years learning and following Osho - Sri Rajneesh. In between, he also spent 7 years under the guidance of Swami Ram Dulaare Bapu. Didi maa Vimala Thakar also bestowed her blessings and guidance on Mr. Rajen Vakil. Finaly, in 1988, Mr. Rajen Vakil met his master Sri S. N. Tavaria, from whom he learnt the deepest mysteries of Sage Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, The Purpose of Birth and Death, alongside and unexpressable depth of experiencing one's being. Swami Brahmavedantji (of Madhavpur), through all these years has been his guide and even to date, guides him on the spiritual path.

Swami Ram Dulare Bapu Swami Ram Dulare Bapu