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Sri S.N. Tavaria

Sri Tavariaji was a master of many disciplines, notably among those was his insights in the study of yoga, the human body, and spirituality, as a whole.

Sri Tavariaji met his master, Sri Ram, when he was only seven years old. Over a period of 12 years, he learnt the practices of a very secret Yoga System from his teacher. He said that this system was passed from master to disciples in Guru- Shisya Parampara, originating from Maharshi Patanjali who is credited with the authorship of the Yoga-Sutras.

Sri Tavariaji condensed the system into a few simple exercises (Refining Exercises) together with the 3 Step Rhythmic Breath, so that the benefits of such a rich system of Yoga could be easily available to every one. His teacher advised him to be a householder, so he lived a family man throughout and is survived by his wife and two children. He said that the real test of Yoga is in a normal life. Sri Tavariaji had two engineering degrees and two degrees of Master of Arts.

He has written he expositions of Yoga Sutra, The Purpose of Birth and Death, and has also provided his interpretation of the Bhagvada Geeta, as we should be living it. He shared his insights with innumerable people by way of lectures and personal one-to-one discourses.

He emphasized that the essence of life and his teachings were in correct breathing - the term 3 Step Rhythmic the purpose of which was to refine the body-brain system and upgrade awareness.

In addition to sharing these practices as large, Sri Tavariaji also had a group of students with whom he shared the deepest throes of his knowledge and awareness. Among a few such privileged disciples of his is Mr. Rajen Vakil.

Sri S.N. Tavaria